Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vicky's featured in Story Studio's online magazine, Cooler By The Lake. January 29th, 2010.

Congratulations to Coaching and First Pages student Vicky Tesmer who has finished the first draft of her manuscript!

The semi-autobiographical piece, A Thousand Beautiful Things, addresses issues of science, faith, politics, world travel, and love. Vicky experimented with the prose, including poems alongside the stories. It was a fascinating process for this longtime visual artist, learning to turn her images into words.

Here’s what Vicky says: “When I walked into StoryStudio on January 12th last year I didn’t have a precise goal - I just knew I had a lot in me to say. It came out in a novel!

“I believe what I learned most about writing was that if you substitute paintbrushes, paints, a palette and a canvas for words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters you can ‘paint’ a novel. I feel my book is a painting - perhaps a ‘Pop Art’ painting - as if you stepped into an Andy Warhol canvas. It’s visual and surreal and current. Looking back on the past year, I don’t believe I could have stayed on track nor organized my thoughts and words without Paige [StoryStudio Chicago Instructor/Coach Alyson Paige Warren]. She helped me stay focused, giving meaningful insight and direction to the chapters, the characters and the overall ‘picture’ of the story.”

Congratulations and best wishes on your redrafting process, Vicky!

Read Cooler By The Lake Here

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