Thursday, April 15, 2010


Vicky Tesmer has finished her manuscript. Now she's in search for the proper representation! She's counting on the universe to provide her with the proper alchemy to launch the written word. Here is the synopsis of her novel:

After the untimely death of her mother, artist Eve Mercer finds herself at a crossroad in her life. Dealing with heartbreak and sorrow, she feels betrayed by God questioning her faith. She no longer is inspired by the art world in Chicago, but needs to remain engaged for the sake of her young daughter and her decorative arts business. Looking into her past to find some tangible purpose for her existence, she stumbles on her sketchbooks and watercolors of Jerusalem from twelve years earlier and begins meditating on the mysticism in its soil and in its connection with a universal God. She suddenly has an epiphany! Could she find her inspiration, possibly her destiny, in making a pilgrimage back to the Holy Land?

As winter approaches, Eve finds herself in a near death situation, almost drowning. Through this experience and facing her own death, she is now convinced. In order to reclaim her life she needs to journey to Israel. After persuading her vivacious, bon vivant friend to join her on the first trek of her pilgramage and her naturalist, sculptress friend to accompany her for the final weeks, their journey begins. Blessed by good omens from shamans and mystics, Eve and her friend head to Tel Aviv but not before a dramatic sequence of events with El AL security. This interlude leads Eve to a soulful relationship with an Israeli pilot whose poet mother has recently died. Their friendship is the key which unlocks both their sorrow allowing them to shed their grief and heal from thier losses.

Once in Jerusalem and perched on the rooftop of the King David Hotel doing watercolors of the Old City, Eve realizes life is not a random string of coincidences but rather a divine plan. She sees "the shadow of her mother fall over her as they pass the Golden Gate, the gate of eternal life" understanding while everyone must die, their spirits live on. The sacredness of Jerusalem and the secrets in her soil are exposed, guiding Eve to become one with her past bringing her not only into her present, but glimpsing into her future. It is here where mysticism meets sorrow and it is here where she sheds her physical existence and enters into the world of past lives and reincarnation.

When the artists reach the desert and the Dead Sea, their creative energies are unleashed. Surrounded by meteor showers, with all the planets, stars and celestial being align, a profound transformation takes place. Eve becomes one with her creativity and vision, renewing her passion. Inspiration fills her and she finds "the love at the final end; the amen of her day" in her transcending feelings for the pilot. Coming to terms with her own mortality and the continual passage of time, she heads back to Chicago. It is the week of Easter and a year since her mother's death. Spring is in bloom and the gardens are growing. Upon her return, Eve has significantly changed her perspective on life. She recognizes an uncanny resemblance between her daughter and her mother, knowing this too, is not a coincidence. Like the chrysalis on a caterpillar, life doesn't die - it transforms.

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