Monday, October 22, 2012

Chicago Women's Caucus of Art - Artists and Their Work

This past Saturday, October 20th, 2012, the Women's Caucus had their closing event wherein individual artists talked about their work, their approach to the medium and subject matter.  Alice Revelski is seen talking about her piece "Upside Down", along with the antique doll she used as subject matter for her piece.
Cynthia Vaicunas describes her approach to abstract painting:  when discovering small paintings it was as if she was holding a jewel.  They represent what is "on the skin, underneath the skin, that which one cannot see; there is a transparency, a layering of an intuitive nature which allows me to search for the process of being ill at ease".
Jeanine Hill-Soldner gives details on her painting, "Summer Reflections II"
Kathryn Gauthier's Paintings

While painting these series of paintings, Jeanne Nerenberg describes morphing of subject matter  becoming fields
of shapes and color.

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