Thursday, September 3, 2015

A note to our viewers

This time of year - the long days of summer - are tinged with that bittersweet wind evaporating the unstructured days of long walks on beaches, fruit picking (and canning) and hot evenings with dragonflies. The moon has been the quintessential Turner moon brilliantly lighting up the late summer nights of Chicago, bombarding the expressways with this cosmic orange burst reminding us that our galaxy is smaller than we think!  Freedom is summer and we hold onto every last hour of the warmth of the cement and the sun on our skin.

With the resurrection of sweaters and the falling of  deep purple leaves, we are reminded soon it will be that time when a blanket of yellow, crisp leaves line our streets, days will be short and our nights will be endless.

It's back to work now.  Artist tools are beckoning us back into the studio to create those feelings and images of life and seasons and unconscious memory. Classes begin; scheduling and events crowd daily planners and slowly the memory of summer is overtaken by responsibility and accountability. We hold on to the images of bales of hay in open fields and cornstalks swaying on a hot July day but slowly they disappear.

We have been blessed.  Another wonderful season has passed.  We have the memories of weddings and family visits, new babies and old relatives visiting on summer vacation and teenagers coming home from college.  It is our lives that are remarkable.  It is the process that is to be celebrated.

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