Saturday, June 5, 2021

New Work of Vicky Tesmer - Equestrian Series

Rosa Bonheur, French Equestrian painter from the mid-1800's said, "If we don't always understand animals, they always understand us."
Given she was from a period in time when woman professionals were not taken seriously nor
accepted into the art leagues and guilds, she is quoted saying, "Art is a tyrant. It demands heart,
brain, soul, body.  The entireness of the votary.  Nothing less will win its highest favor.
I wed art.  It is my husband, my world, my life dream, the air I breathe.
I know nothing else, feel nothing else, think nothing else."

                                                "Mustang"  - oil on canvas, 60" X 48", 2021

First Day - "Mustang", oil on canvas

                                                    In the studio, "Mustang" in process, 2021

                                                        2nd day progress - oil on canvas

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