Monday, July 18, 2022


 This year has brought the lush, subliminal beauty of the tropics to my horizon along with the gulf waters always lapping the shores.  It is reflected in the rich hues and deep orange, red and yellow cadmiums juxtaposed with the cerulean and ultra-marine blues.  Here are the latest works by Vicky Tesmer:

Paradise in the Tropics, 2022, 36" X 24"
acrylic on canvas
Vicky Tesmer

Versace Series: A Day in Paradise, 48"X66", 2022, acrylic by Vicky Tesmer

Versace Series - Sunset in the Tropics, 48" X 60", 2022, acrylic by Vicky Tesmer

Hibiscus with Hummingbirds, watercolor, 24" X 30", 2022

Flowers for Laurie, 2022 watercolor, 24" X 30"

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