Thursday, November 8, 2012

Open Forum Panel Discussion with a Toast to 100th Year Anniversary of The School of the Art Institute's Alumni Association with SAIC's Office of Alumni Affairs

Last evening Gallery 1837 held their open forum panel discussion on the interplay of art, nature and technology using their art as reference to how they've been influenced by technology and how modern
forms of technology have altered the way they interact with nature.  Many of the themes of the evening were how technology added to the ease at which artists can document their work - slides versus website, etc. -
Sharon Bladholm, a nature and science artist, explained how in her "Soil Creatures" piece at Openlands Lakeshore Preserve in Highwood, Il, (, she was able to receive - by email - files of micro creatures living in the soil in the Amazon, from a botanist.  She also noted that it would take field workers on expeditions in the Amazon three years to receive correspondence in the early l900's but today we receive information instantaneously.

Jen Jessen Lunt's "Poppies" 2012

Cultivating an awareness to the language of nature
is a task we have done since the beginning of time.
"Picking up a stick thousands of years ago was
technology" said Mel Theobald at the Open Panel
discussion last evening.  "Art moved from object
to processing.  Photography was the way we used
to see a fine art, however, with the technology of
cell phones, etc. we now use the camera to document information as it is happening," Mel continued. "I am an image maker; I'm a painter
making photographs."
  •                                                Vicky Tesmer's "Interlude" Series

Megan Williamson added that "trying to get a timeless moment so we can become one with that
time is creating art. Art can be made from any-
thing."  Meg continued, "I use photographs as
reference to inspire, to conjure up a memory, however, I do not paint from them.  I paint from life."

Melissa Cowley Wolf, Executive Director, Alumni and Parent Relations and Annual Fund from the School of the Art Institute praised the continuing work of Alumni from SAIC for their commitment to the plastic arts and their incessant desire to create beauty and commentary on the world surrounding them.  She stressed the need to foster
art making and creative thinking raising a toast to Chicago's Art Studios.

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