Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Open Canvas 2012, Milwaukee, Wi

Every year the founding artists of "BAREWALLS", (the fundraiser for scholarships for the School of the Art Institute), Mel Theobald, Annegret Reichmann, Jim Pryzdia, Scott Okin, Jen Jessen Lunt, Oscar Romero and myself head up to Milwaukee to spend the day and evening painting for scholarships for The Milwaukee School of Art and Design and the Eisner Museum.  Here are some images of 2012's Auction:

 The artists working on their paintings before the public comes to the auction.  Every canvas is different.

 Susan Hackett in from Paris working on her canvas.  It was good to be with her once again.
 Mel Theobald doing an extraordinary job on his landscape.  Open Canvas had a great turn out and raised
a record amount of money for young artists.
My finished painting.  Another year behind us.  Another year ahead.  What a great event with wonderful artists.

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